Opalton Bush Camp & Historic Walking Tracks

Opalton is situated 123 kilometres south of Winton in a large Designated Fossicking area. It is one of the largest opal fields in Queensland and is known for the quality and uniqueness of the boulder opal that is mined there. It is believed that opal was first discovered by George Cragg, a stockman from Warrnambool Station, in 1888, and the first mine was worked in 1894. At one time, Opalton was a bustling township and there were more than 600 people working the opal field around the turn of the 20th century. Since that time, the population has dwindled to approximately 25 today. In 1899, the largest piece of pipe opal ever recorded was discovered at Opalton – it was over 10 feet (3m) long and rumoured to be as thick as a man’s leg!

The majority of the journey is on a well-maintained unsealed road. No fuel is available in Opalton, however the shop has some basic supplies of bread, milk, ice, drinks and lollies. Please ensure you are fully stocked prior to your departure from Winton.


There is bush camping available at the Opalton Bush Park – hot showers, toilets, fresh or dam water and some undercover parking provided. As well as a sheltered BBQ area, there is a great Pizza oven, small and large BBq plates and an enclosed shed/eating area for day visitors. Loads of room for everyone to spread out and enjoy the peace and quiet and the starry nights. Everyone likes to meet up for the afternoon noodling show and a few stories with local miners.

Donation is $2.50/person/ night.

Historic Walking Tracks

Nearly 7klms of historic walking tracks is the latest exciting addition to Opalton. Tracks vary from just 450mtrs to the longest loop of 4 klms.

Track loops all begin at the information centre and are clearly marked. Signs should be installed before 1st April. Tracks includes are:-

Historic Opalton township – Historic cemetery plaque – Lookout – Horse Yards – slaughter yards – dam.

Enjoy a stroll through our beautiful area and spot some wildlife on the way.

Getting There


Check the weather and road conditions before you visit. Turnoff to Opalton is 15 klms from Winton on the Jundah Road, turn left. Dirt road approx. 125klms to Opalton which is very well maintained, however after heavy use corrugations may occur. There are no nasty dips or creek crossings so suitable to all towable vehicles. Two wheel drives can make it at times with care. Watch the grids and road conditions after any rain event.

Opalton Exhibition and Visitors Centre

Planning is currently underway to construct The Opalton Exhibition and Visitors Centre adjacent to the Bushpark. To be a multi purpose facility recognizing the unique Flora and Fauna of the region , The Indigenous Heritage and the History of Opal Mining in the district. Due to begin construction in 2023.


Some Photos in gallery courtesy of Christine Bull – Caught in Colour.